EAS “Next Gen” Beekeeper Breakout 2016

The Best Bees Company’s Noah Wilson-Rich, and “Bee Girl” Sarah Red-Laird welcome you to the Eastern Apiculture Association’s 2016 Conference! We will be hosting a “Next Gen” breakout session for fellow young beekeepers!

What’s a “Next Generation Beekeeper”? “Next Gen” is defined as, “The step forward that perpetually propels us into our impending destiny.” We are the next generation in our family of beekeepers; we are the drivers of the next stage of development in the products, services, expertise, and knowledge our industry provides. This beekeeper is a commercial or small-scale beekeeper, or words as an educator or researcher. They are passionate about bees, and want to be involved in future beekeeping innovation, research, policy, technology, advocacy, or community leadership.

This breakout session will feature free beer, music, great networking opportunities, and an organized, interactive group session. This session is on July 26th, starting at 7pm, at the Germania Fire Co. (312 S Cologne Ave, Cologne, NJ 08213), and designed to develop a few ideas for addressing the issues new beekeepers face, as we join this industry. You tell us what needs to be done, we’ll listen, and help to develop a positive action plan to propel our industry forward!

Sarah and Noah will also be team teaching a “train the trainer” workshop at the Eastern Apicultural Society Conference, on Monday, July 25th, at 2:30pm, in Galloway, NJ, at Stockton University. Join this session for an outline of how to organize a “Next Gen” breakout session in you region.

Check out Noah’s awesome TED Talk on urban beekeeping here:

Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D. is a biologist / professor / NYTimes & LATimes op-ed contributor / two-time TEDx speaker / TV personality / beekeeper / uncle. His book, The Bee: A Natural History was released in 2014 through Princeton University Press. Noah’s research focuses on bee immunology, and extends in include all ways to improve bee health. Noah is a Founding Partner of The Best Bees Company, a beekeeping service that delivers, installs, and manages beehives for residential and commercial properties, nationwide. Proceeds from The Best Bees Company go toward research conducted at the Urban Beekeeping Laboratory and Bee Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, based in Boston’s South End.

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