Synthetic Apiary

Collaborators: MIT Media Lab

Partnering with the MIT Media Lab Mediated Matter Initiative, we facilitated the first Synthetic Apiary to advance non-standard bee environments as a means to explore alternative solutions to human survival in a world without bees.

The Synthetic Apiary proposes a new kind of environment, bridging urban and organismic scales by exploring one of the most important organisms for both the human species and our planet: bees. We explore the cohabitation of humans and other species through the creation of a controlled atmosphere and associated behavioral paradigms.

Scenes from the Synthetic Apiary project

The project facilitates Mediated Matter’s ongoing research into biologically augmented digital fabrication with eusocial insect communities in architectural, and possibly urban, scales. Many animal communities in nature present collective behaviors known as "swarming," prioritizing group survival over individuals, and constantly working to achieve a common goal. Often, swarms of organisms are skilled builders; for example, ants can create extremely complex networks by tunneling, and wasps can generate intricate paper nests with materials sourced from local areas.

Credit: Mediated Matter group

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