On a mission to
improve bee health


The Urban Beekeeping Lab is a 501(c)(3) non-profit on a mission to improve bee health. We see bees as the ultimate tie that binds food security, climate change, natural disaster mitigation, and ecological preservation. We believe that in order to save the world, we must save the bees.

In partnership with The Best Bees Company, America’s first and largest beekeeping service, the UBL analyzes hive data from Best Bees beehives to elucidate trends and advance our understanding of global pollinator decline. We aim to conduct cutting-edge research to stabilize honeybee health, and then extend those approaches to other, lesser studied species of pollinators.

We believe that honey bees can be leveraged for their scientific and societal value. They are both indicators of global pollinator health and cultural threads with which we can sew engaging dialogs that connect communities across generations. The UBL aims to harness the power of inclusive innovation to make a measurable, positive impact on the environment.

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