History of the UBL

Urban Bee Lab was founded in 2014 by Noah Wilson-Rich as a 501(c)(3) non-profit on a mission to improve bee health. Noah is also the founder of The Best Bees Company and is a keynote speaker represented by Outspoken Agency. His TED talks have millions of views. Noah's work draws from his background as a Ph.D. evolutionary biologist, with over 20 peer-reviewed publications with the world's leading science and research institutions such as MIT, NASA, National Geographic, and many others. In partnership with Best Bees, America’s first and largest beekeeping service, the UBL analyzes hive data from Best Bees beehives to elucidate trends and advance our understanding of global pollinator decline. We aim to conduct cutting-edge research to stabilize honeybee health, and then extend those approaches to other, lesser-studied species of pollinators to promote and preserve biodiversity at corporate, residential, and government sites, and beyond.

Staff + Board of Directors

Noah Wilson-Rich, Executive Director and Board Member
Noah is the Founder and Executive Director of UBL as well as a Founding Partner of The Best Bees Company based in Roxbury, MA. Noah serves on the grant committee at the UBL and oversees staff and strategic direction.

Katina Bentley, Staff, Associate Director
Katina is the hands-on manager of daily operations at UBL working closely with the Executive Director and members of the Best Bees Company to ensure the success and funding of the non-profit’s mission. 

Terrence, Meck, Board Chair
Terrence is the Co-Founder and President of The Palette Fund, a private foundation dedicated to advancing social change in communities that are under-resourced and facing significant challenges. 

Jeff Arnstein, Board Treasurer
Jeff is a retired business professional with a history of leadership non-profit roles including Director of Finance with the Friends of the High Line. He oversees the accounting and financial operations at UBL.

Bryan Furze, Board Clerk
Bryan is the Senior Vice President Leasing at WS Development and also serves on the Board at Fuller Village Assisted Living. He is a member of the grant committee at UBL and oversees compliance and filings.

Sean Cahill, Board Member
Cahill is a software engineer, Founding Partner and COO of the Best Bees Company. He oversees the technical aspects of UBL.

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