noun: a series of figure-eight movements performed by a bee to indicate the direction and abundance of a distant food source.
The Pitch Line is CLOSED!
Thank you to everyone who pitched their story!

Performance Theme: Honey
Whether your story is sticky, sweet, or raw, we want to hear it! We're looking for stories that are entertaining, meaningful, heartfelt, and full of "feels". Bonus points if they inspire us to care more about our pollinators or our mission!
Stories should...
* be roughly five minutes long
* fit the theme of Sticky, Sweet, Raw
* be true and told by the person they happened to
Eight storytellers will be selected from the pitch line to participate in our live event. All storytellers will receive free professional story coaching, a stipend for taking the stage, and a jar of honey!
We aim to create flexible options for coaching which includes an in-person group workshop (full day) and individual coaching (4 hours)between 10/16 and 11/29. In the process you'll gain valuable skills in storytelling and public speaking that you can add to your resume and use both personally and professionally for years to come!
What story do YOU want to tell us?
TIPS FOR MAPPING YOUR STORY: Before you call the pitch line!
  • Try practice-pitching your friend, your partner, your grandma! Watch to see when they lean in or when they look bored...
  • When you begin, try to reimagine a specific moment in time and some of the details to get yourself reimmersed in the action using your senses: What was around you? How did it feel? What scent comes to mind?
  • As an experiment, download a recording app on your phone & record yourself telling the story, and time yourself. Listen back and take notes!
Ask yourself these questions:
1. Is it TRUE?
2. Is it about ME?
3. Why does it MATTER?
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