• Manuka Honey: What the Science Says

    Just 50 years ago scientific journals dismissed Manuka honey as a “worthless and harmful substance”. In fact, few researchers were willing to take it seriously due to a belief that honey was merely an alternative medicine. Within the past few years however, new evidence has been turning opinions. Recently, Manuka…

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  • Infection by certain microbes in honey bees can be detected using light microscopy.

    Immunity to Bacterial Infections in Honey Bees

    Honey bees constantly struggle against various bacterial and fungal species. For example, Nosema species are very detrimental parasitic fungi that infect honey bees and can cause great harm to an entire colony in a very short amount of time. A hive that is heavily infected with nosema will often collapse, leading to robbing behavior by other colonies and a…

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  • nutrition storage
    Image credit Rachel Diaz-Granados

    Nutrition for Bees: Preserving Honey and Pollen

    Nutrition affects every aspect of an organism’s life, from behavior to evolution. For social insects, such as bees, the gathering and consumption of nutrients can be complex due to changes in the environment and their community. Bees temporarily store and protect some nutrition in their body, but it is mostly stored…

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