• A honey bee with Varroa mite attached.

    Genetic Tradeoffs: Some Bees Can Have it All

    Recently a lot of attention has been given to breeding Varroa mite resistant honey bees. There has been concern, however, that this good-intentioned method could come with a downside. One main way honey bee workers deal with parasites is by socially grooming one-another. Researchers hope that we can create healthier…

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  • Infection by certain microbes in honey bees can be detected using light microscopy.

    Immunity to Bacterial Infections in Honey Bees

    Honey bees constantly struggle against various bacterial and fungal species. For example, Nosema species are very detrimental parasitic fungi that infect honey bees and can cause great harm to an entire colony in a very short amount of time. A hive that is heavily infected with nosema will often collapse, leading to robbing behavior by other colonies and a…

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