• remote monitoring device
    The Tetrascience link device that powers our 1st generation SmartHive

    Monitoring Honeybees with SmartHive Tech

    For many of us, computers play an important role in everyday life. From news, to entertainment, to our jobs, computers make many things easier. We’re hoping to include beekeeping on this list of computer-aided tasks. As in fields such as agriculture, forestry, and medicine, monitoring beehives with shared control techniques…

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  • no-bees-no-food
    Photo Credit: Caley McGuane

    No Bees, No Food

    On August 9th, company founder Noah Wilson-Rich had the excellent opportunity to speak at an event held by Environment America’s Massachusetts department called “No Bees, No Food.” This event was put on to show the importance of bees, and teach the local community around the Berkeley Community Garden area in…

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  • eas-next-gen-beekeepers

    EAS “Next Gen” Beekeeper Breakout 2016

    The Best Bees Company’s Noah Wilson-Rich, and “Bee Girl” Sarah Red-Laird welcome you to the Eastern Apiculture Association’s 2016 Conference! We will be hosting a “Next Gen” breakout session for fellow young beekeepers! What’s a “Next Generation Beekeeper”? “Next Gen” is defined as, “The step forward that perpetually propels us…

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