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No Bees, No Food

On August 9th, company founder Noah Wilson-Rich had the excellent opportunity to speak at an event held by Environment America’s Massachusetts department called “No Bees, No Food.” This event was put on to show the importance of bees, and teach the local community around the Berkeley Community Garden area in the South End how impactful the effect of pollinators can be. Bees and other insects pollinate about 71 of the 100 crops that provide 90% of the world’s food! By hosting this event, Environment America is able to show locals how important bees are, and develop a love for the small furry insects. During this event, the public was invited to take a tour of the gardens with Noah and a few other speakers from Environment America.

During this tour they sampled locally grown tomatoes, which were juicy, fresh, and delicious! These tomato plants were successful because of the presence of many honey bees and other pollinators in the garden. Without the bees flying from flower to flower, the tomato crop wouldn’t have been as successful as it was this year! This event was a great way to emphasize to the local community how integral bees are, and that we should be actively fighting for their survival every day.

We would like to thank Environment America for giving Noah and the Best Bees Company this great opportunity to showcase how wonderful and important bees are. We love seeing the community come together over an enjoyment of delicious, locally grown food, and, for the love of the environment.

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