• Integrated Pest Management

    I.P.M (integrated pest management) is an organic approach to pest and disease management in our landscapes. By maintaining good cultural practices and using biological methods as needed, we can achieve our goals of having healthy and productive gardens. These achieved goals not only benefit our bodies, minds and souls but…

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  • Two of our own hives on a NYC rooftop!

    Highest Beehive in the World

    The growth of beekeeping in cities is allowing urban beekeepers to get creative with the location and height of their hives.  The most common spots for urban beehives is on rooftops, including skyscrapers and office buildings. The highest hive you can find in the world is located right in New…

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  • no-bees-no-food
    Photo Credit: Caley McGuane

    No Bees, No Food

    On August 9th, company founder Noah Wilson-Rich had the excellent opportunity to speak at an event held by Environment America’s Massachusetts department called “No Bees, No Food.” This event was put on to show the importance of bees, and teach the local community around the Berkeley Community Garden area in…

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  • drone-worker-bees
    Emmanuelle Geis Photography @emmanuellegeis

    Sperm Viability, Queen Failure & Colony Health

    Little attention has been given to the health of drones (male) honey bees. After all, they do not forage for pollen and nectar. They are, however, critical to the fitness of a colony. During the queen’s mating flight, she mates with multiple drones (over 10), which not only supplies her…

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  • honey-guide
    Orlando Yassene, a Yao honey-hunter, holding a male greater honeyguide that was temporarily captured for research in the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique. Photo Credit: Claire Spottiswoode

    Honey Hunters of Mozambique

    The New York Times print edition on Sunday, July 26, 2016 features a fascinating advancement in our knowledge of human / non-human species cooperation. Writer Natalie Angier’s article, In Africa, Birds and Humans Form a Unique Honey Hunting Party lets us in on the conversation between members of the Yao people in…

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  • eas-next-gen-beekeepers

    EAS “Next Gen” Beekeeper Breakout 2016

    The Best Bees Company’s Noah Wilson-Rich, and “Bee Girl” Sarah Red-Laird welcome you to the Eastern Apiculture Association’s 2016 Conference! We will be hosting a “Next Gen” breakout session for fellow young beekeepers! What’s a “Next Generation Beekeeper”? “Next Gen” is defined as, “The step forward that perpetually propels us…

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  • Hierarchy in the Hive

    Welcome to the official blog of the Urban Beekeeping Laboratory & Bee Sanctuary, your ultimate source of all bee related information.  Considering this is the first blog post, we would like to start from the top.  The hierarchy of the honey bee hive is immensely important to the way a…

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